About the Winery

Vina Moda, vena moda, n. [Vine Style]

Exquisite wines born from the womb of premium oak barrels; artisanal wines conceived by the hands of an accomplished maker.  A sensual experience in a glass.

A crowning achievement among California’s Boutique Wineries, Vina Moda is nestled among the Sierra Foothills in the picturesque town of Murphys.

Our customers trust that the premium wines bearing our label come from only the best fruit in the vineyard…

When the nights begin to cool, and the vines raise their auburn heads, we visit them to personally taste from each row of grapes as they ripen. Based upon palate and eye, our experienced winemaker works in tandem with the vineyard manager to ensure only the gems he has selected arrive at our facility.

These grapes are hand picked and hand sorted to achieve optimum quality.

Vina Moda is one of the few wineries that meticulously hand sorts its harvest. The bounty is transferred to a sorting table where damaged fruit, second crop grapes, leaves and even insects are discarded. We believe that the quality of our wine is worth all our effort.

Subsequently, we ferment the wines in small batches so we can assure competent control of this process. We allow a free run from the must, followed by a gentle press to preserve the desired tannic structure of each individual wine. Every step of this process is, once again, accomplished by hand. Our winemaker won’t share his secrets, but the aromas and vivid colors are worth a visit to our winery during the harvest season.

Once pressed, our wines are delivered to the nurturing womb of premium oak barrels to complete their transformation. While the wine is resting comfortably in our cellars, members of The Club are welcome to taste our wines directly from the barrel and secure future orders before each wine is bottled and released.

At Vina Moda, we have found a remarkable balance between tradition and innovation. A literal interpretation of "Vine Style," Vina Moda embodies the fruition of creative, distinct and expertly styled wines.