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2015 Vina Moda Chardonnay - $34.00

Rorick Heritage Vineyards

The goddess descends on a glacial breeze, the nectar of high mountain honeysuckle shimmering on her lips.

She is noble and pure, youthful and wise, with a swirl of golden hair and a wildness that gleams in her eyes

126 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 7 years

2014 Vina Moda Grenache  - $38.00

Rorick Heritage Vineyard

Gold Medal Winner - 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Swirling red velvet dazzles strawberry to cherry as she glides with delicate intensity along the polished oaken floor.

In her partner's arms, she is poetry in motion.  The epitome of grace, dancing with the perfect harmony of timeless romance.

116 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 10 years

2014 Vina Moda Syrah - $36

Canterbury Vineyard

We thought we knew her beauty; she thought she knew her strength

Till the moon called her from slumber and shone upon her face

From deep within she blossomed, so rich and pure and true

And the fire that danced inside her, found its home in you

137 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 13 years

2015 Vina Moda Merlot - $34.00               

Rorick Heritage Vineyards

She enters the room and every head turns, the crowds part to make way.

Cherry red lips unleash a husky laugh as leather boots fringed in lace guide her steps. 

Any fool can see her home is the stage, she’s gonna be somebody... someday.

112 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 18 years

2014 Vina Moda Vinas  - $36.00
Rorick Heritage Vineyard and Duarte Vineyards

38% Syrah, 33% Petite Sirah, 17% Alicante Bouschet, 12% Grenache

The old man takes a raspy breath, shifting in his sleep. The scent of country bacon and butter drizzled over blackberry and currant pancakes drifts through the cool morning air.

Bare feet slap against the worn farmhouse stairs, breaking the sleepy silence.  Stomach rumbling, he rounds the bend and she is there, just as she always was.

He melts into his mother’s love, a boy again, her warm embrace welcoming him home at last.

233 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 15 years

2014 Vina Moda Sweet D  - $30.00
La Rosa Family Vineyard, Broll Mountain Vineyards      

64% Barbera, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon

The miniature one at the end of the line, you may write her off as just a sweet wine  
She'll take your jokes with a stiff upper lip, then reel you in with a single sip

She is soft and kind with a strong backbone, a part of the gang who can stand on her own
If a unique experience is your chief intention, give this beauty your focused attention

80 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar for up to 8 years