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2016 Sierra Rose - $22

Members: 3:$18.70 6:$17.60 12:$16.50

Broll Mountain Vineyards, Rorick Heritage Vineyards, Canterbury Vineyard, Villa Vallecito Vineyards

We dance to the rhythm of tropical rain on cobblestone, our laughter rising in harmony with the wind as it makes music in the palms.

Vivacious joy swirls among us in this moment, a beloved friend, a found treasure that sparkles like a precious jewel.

126 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar up to 7 years

2015 Pinot Noir - $40.00        

Members: 3: $34.00  6: $32.00  12: $30.00

Silver - 2018 San Francisco Chronicle

Desmond Vineyards, Russian River Valley

The soil is cool beneath her trowel as she sows the seeds of the many generations that have come before, carrying on traditions that transcend time or memory.

She ties her auburn hair in a chignon at the base of her neck, where perspiration runs rivulets through the gentle dusting of earth that has made itself at home on her skin.

A tantalizing breeze from the blossoming orchard beckons her to come closer, to rest awhile in its loamy embrace.  A smile plays tricks on her ruby red lips as she gives in, if only for a moment....

99 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar up to 12 years

2016 Barbera - $36.00

Members: 3: $30.60 6: $24.00 12: $22.50

Gold - 2019 San Francisco Chronicle

Villa Vallecito Vineyards, La Rosa Family Vineyard, Duarte Vineyard

The Barbarian Sword finds its home in the hands where it belongs.  Its ancient spirit commands respect from all who witness its glory.

O mighty weapon, will your steely blade be used to pillage?  To rip lives apart in rage and lust, conquering all who dare to oppose your master?

Or will you be the humble leader?  The one who unites the battling clans; the peaceful warrior who creates harmony among sworn enemies, who brings prosperity to savaged lands?

The future has never been decided until fate seals its prophecies in rivers of blood, sweat and tears.  If a single sip decides your fate, which path will pull you to your final destiny?

244 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar up to 12 years

2016 Phoenix - $38

Members: 3: $32.30 6: $30.40 12: $28.50

Gold, Best of Class of Appellation - 2019 California State Fair

Silver - 2019 San Francisco Chronicle

Duarte Vineyard, La Rosa Family Vineyard, Broll Mountain Vineyards, Dalton Vineyards

The Phoenix soars above foreign lands, his lonely cry heard only by those who ache for the warmth of his magnificent embrace.

He collects them, one by one, and they search for a home that seems only to exist in the depths of their dreams.

As his mighty wings become weary, on the brink of despair, their peaceful hearts realize at last that home is a place called together and it lives in the world anywhere they choose to belong.

177 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 25 years

2016 Syrah - $34

Members: 3: $28.90 6: $27.20 12: $25.50

Gold - 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver - 2019 California State Fair

Dalton Vineyard, Canterbury Vineyards

In the land of make-believe, soft candlelight illuminates decadent offerings placed along the altar of Aslan's Queen, her lithe and majestic figured draped in silken robes the color of a thousand setting suns.

The velveteen rumble of her throat calls forth the greatest desires from the depths of your being, each exquisitely revealed upon a platter formed by the remnants of ancient dreams.

321 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 15 years

2016 Euphoria - $28

Members: 3: $23.80 6: $22.40 12: $21.00

Silver - 2019 San Francisco Chronicle

Rorick Heritage Vineyards, Dalton Vineyards

65% Merlot, 19% Syrah, 16% Grenache

You call me without words, the heat emanating from your skin promising to warm the chill that has taken up permanent residence in my bones.

Here you are, the enticing gift that has haunted me throughout my existence, just waiting to be discovered.  Limbs quiver in anticipation as our bodies draw near.

Our first kiss.... it is a lifetime of rapture encapsulated in a single, unforgettable moment.

304 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 8 years