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2014 Pinot Noir  - $42

Members: 3: $35.70 6: $33.60 12: $31.50

Starr Ridge Vineyard, Russian River Valley

Shrouded in fog, a carriage makes its way along the mighty river, splashing through boysenberry brambles as it carries a young man to a new life, away from these banks.

As new rain teases a hint of spice from the dust in the road, he sinks into the worn leather seat, lulled by the animalistic gait of his team of horses.

At last he arrives, the only one of his kind, embraced by the love and hope, blue skies and sunshine of the mountains that are now his home.

126 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 7 years

2016 Sierra Rose - $25

Members: 3:$21.25 6:$20.00 12:$18.75

Broll Mountain Vineyards, Rorick Heritage Vineyard, Canterbury Vineyard, Villa Vallecito Vineyards

We dance to the rhythm of tropical rain on cobblestone, our laughter rising in harmony with the wind as it makes music in the palms.

Vivacious joy swirls among us in this moment, a beloved friend, a found treasure that sparkles like a precious jewel.

126 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar up to 7 years

2015 Merlot - $34       

Members: 3:$28.90 6:$27.20 12:$25.50

Gold - 2018 San Francisco Chronicle

Rorick Heritage Vineyards

She enters the room and every head turns, the crowds part to make way.

Cherry red lips unleash a husky laugh as leather boots fringed in lace guide her steps. 

Any fool can see her home is the stage, she’s gonna be somebody... someday.

112 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 18 years

2015 Barbera - $36.00

Members: 3: $30.60 6: $24.00 12: $22.50

Villa Vallecito Vineyards, La Rosa Family Vineyard

The gods of Valhalla lived through creation's dawn, when life came from death and Mother Earth held the Barbarian Sword in her gentle womb.

For centuries it waited, its smooth blade nestled in rich soil, the soft, supple leather of its handle aching for the touch of a legendary warrior who had only just behun to realize his destiny.

194 cases produced

Enjoy now or cellar up to 10 years

2015 Phoenix - $40

Members: 3: $34.00 6: $32.00 12: $30.00

Silver - 2018 San Francisco Chronicle

Duarte Vineyard, La Rosa Family Vineyard, Broll Mountain Vineyards, Dalton Vineyards

The Phoenix will rise on the dark side of morning, when the sands of time are ablaze.

From the ashes, a whisper blossoms to a roar as magnificent wings fill the heavens with majestic glory.

194 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 25 years

2014 Sweet D - $30

Members: 3: $25.60 6: $24.00 12: $22.50

La Rosa Family Vineyard, Broll Mountain Vineyards

64% Barbera, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon

The miniature one at the end of the line, you may write her off as just a sweet wine

She'll take your jokes with a stiff upper lip, then reel you in with a single sip

She is soft and kind with a strong back bone, a part of the gang who can stand on her own

If a unique experience is your chief intention, give this beauty your focused attention

80 cases produced
Enjoy now or cellar up to 8 years