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At Vina Moda, we take pride in offering you smooth, well structured wines that will linger in your mind long after you've sipped the last drop.


A pour of Phoenix next to bottle

2018 Phoenix

stanislaus county

We can never know who we will become when life reaches an unprecedented crescendo, hoping to linger in the moments of beauty and calm amid the swells as it carries us …

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A pour of Barbera next to bottle

2019 Barbera

Sierra Foothills

Beneath the Tuscan sun, a young boy’s bright eyes watch intently as his grandfather turns the earth, the ways of old having been passed along for centuries. Soon, …

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A pour of Sparkling Sierra Rose next to bottle

2019 Sparkling Sierra Rose

Sierra Foothills

A butterfly emerges from her chrysalis and a gentle, coastal breeze caresses her luminous wings as the sun’s first rays ripple through the orchard, awakening the …

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A pour of Vinas next to bottle

2019 Vinas

Sierra Foothills

Weary travelers are we, brothers three. The darkness of this cold winter’s night, so deep it has its own rich texture, turns the world around us into a thousand tiny …

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A pour of Merlot next to bottle

2019 Merlot

Sierra Foothills

The samurai stands alone in perfect stillness upon the ridge, her tribe sleeping peacefully in the valley below as a herd of deer emerge from the lush evergreens to sip …

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A pour of Barbera next to bottle

2017 Barbera

Sierra Foothills

The valiant leader sits in quiet contemplation, the Barbarian Sword balanced in his outstretched palms. He polishes the primordial blade with a swath of worn leather, …

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A pour of Syrah next to bottle

2016 Syrah

Sierra Foothills

More often than not, you could find Jim Dalton on his porch, enjoying the evening breeze with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other, just taking in the view and …

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A pour of Merlot next to bottle

2017 Merlot

Sierra Foothills

She is at once an enigma and an open book, the stories of her life painted on the canvas of her skin like radiant scarlet flowers that wander blithely across the …

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A pour of Euphoria next to bottle

2016 Euphoria

Sierra Foothills

You call to me without words, the heat emanating from your skin promising to warm the chill that has taken up permanent residence in my bones. Here you are, the …

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Grown by [Rorick Heritage Vineyards](/vineyards/rorick-heritage/)
Wine Characteristics — **Crisp, honeysuckle, tropical fruit**
Color of berry skin — **White**
Origin — **Burgundy Region, France**
Also known as — *Aubaine, Beaunois, Gamay blanc, Melon blanc*
Ideal Soil — *Chalk, limestone*
Wine Characteristics — **Crisp, honeysuckle, tropical fruit**

Sierra Rose

A Rose Blend
The **2018** Blend is:
41% Syrah
29% Grenache
16% Petite Sirah
14% Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir

Grown by Desmond Vineyards, Russian River Valley
Wine Characteristics — Light tannins, red fruit, with spice, floral, earthy & meaty notes
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Burgundy Region, France
Also known as — Blauburgunder, Spatburgunder, Rulandske modre, Pinot Nero
Ideal Soil — Chalky Clay


Grown by Rorick Heritage Vineyards, Villa Vallecito Vineyards, Dalton Vineyard
Wine Characteristics — Red fruit flavors with a subtle, white pepper spice note
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Spain, South of France
Also known as — Garnatxa Negra, Alicante, Cannonau, Garnacha tinta, Grenache noir
Ideal Soil — Hot, dry soils that are well drained; Schist & Granite


Grown by La Rosa Family Vineyard, Blocher Vineyard
Wine Characteristics — Blackberry, anise, white pepper
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Croatia, Italy
Also known as — Zinfandel, Crljenak Kastelanski, Taranto, Zierfandler
Ideal Soil — Sandy loam with a steady, warm climate


Grown by Villa Vallecito Vineyards, La Rosa Family Vineyard, Jordan Oaks Vineyard
Wine Characteristics — Deep color, full body, cherry notes, low tannins with prominent acids
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Italy
Also known as —
Ideal Soil — Calcareous soils and clay loam


Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Spain, France
Also known as — Mataro, Monastrell
Ideal Soil — Warm, south facing slopes with shallow, clay soils
Wine Characteristics — Soft red fruit, a hint of spice and wild game with earthy notes


Grown by Rocky Hill Vineyard
Wine Characteristics — Fresh strawberry, earthy aromas and tea leaf notes with medium tannins and high acidity
Color of berry skin — Purple
Origin — Italy
Also known as — Brunello, Cacchiano, Negrello
Ideal Soil — Limestone, Shale, Clay


Grown by Star Canyon Vineyards, Rorick Heritage Vineyards
Wine Characteristics — Full bodied, intense fruit with lush, velvety tannins
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Bordeaux Region, France
Also known as — Picard, Langon
Ideal Soil — Cold, ferrous clay


Grown by Blocher Vineyard
Wine Characteristics — Full bodied and fruity with deep color, raspberry aromas and a firm, tannic structure
Color of berry skin — Blue-black
Origin — South of France
Also known as — Moustrou, Moustroun, Bordeleza Belcha, Harriague
Ideal Soil — Clay based soil with balanced sun, rainfall and temperature


A Red Blend
The 2017 is a blend of:
53% Syrah
35% Petite Sirah
6% Tannat
6% Grenache


Grown by Dalton Vineyards, Aloria Vineyards
Wine Characteristics — Full bodied with pronounced tannins and decadent, jammy fruit
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — France
Also known as — Shiraz, Hermitage, Antourenein noir, Marsanne noir
Ideal Soil — Sloped vineyards with calcareous soils and consistent heat

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grown by Celestial Vineyard, Broll Mountain Vineyards
Wine Characteristics — Dense, dark color with bold tannins, prominent red fruit and vegetal notes
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — France
Also known as — Bouchet, Petit-Bouchet, Petit-Vidure, Sauvignon Rouge Ideal
Soil — Gravel or alluvial, dusty soil with consistent heat


A Red Blend
The 2017 is a blend of:
64% Primitivo
20% Petite Sirah
8% Tannat
8% Mourvedre

Petite Sirah

Grown by Broll Mountain Vineyards, Jordan Oaks Vineyard
\nWine Characteristics — Spicy, plummy flavors with dark, inky color, bold tannins and a firm texture and mouthfeel
\nColor of berry skin — Black
\nOrigin — Montpellier, France
\nAlso known as — Durif, Plant Fourchu, Pinot de Romans, Pinot de l’Hermitage
\nIdeal Soil — Steep, dry hillsides with rocky soil and low moisture

Toro Tempranillo

Grown by Metate Hill Vineyards
Wine Characteristics — Ruby red color and bold tannins with aromas and flavors of plum, tobacco, vanilla and leather
Color of berry skin — Black
Origin — Spain
Also known as — Tinta de Toro
Ideal Soil — Fine sandy loam and clay soils


A Dessert Wine
Our 2016 Euphoria is a blend of:
65% Merlot
19% Syrah
16% Grenache